Food – Ayurveda Way of Life

Based on previous post Mind Mood Food, this post is based on a query that if there are any rules specified.

Some of the common ayurvedic rules have been specified below. In Ayurveda it is said that nature of body changes while it ages. Kapha (upto age of 15), Pitta (upto age of 35-40), Vata (above 45 years). So to keep all natures balanced below are some of the ayurvedic rules which are simple to follow. Also it depends in the region we live and the season we are in.

  1. Don’t drink water immediately after Meals. Ideally drink water before an hour and after meals one and half hours. You can sip water only if food is stuck to your throat.
  2. We need to drink Juice immediately (after breakfast), drink lassi/curd (after noon), drink warm milk (at night). People living in cold areas have low blood pressure, hence they drink tea and coffee. The routine could change if your doctor says so. For strength sometimes doctor asks to drink milk in the morning.
  3. Drink any liquid sip by sip (like animals, birds drink they use saliva to heal their diseases). Saliva is most alkaline, hence it should be swallowed while sipping water or having food, to balance body acidity.
  4. Cold or ice water needs to be avoided completely.
  5. We should avoid using toothpaste instead use Datun (Neem, Babul etc) since toothpaste has presence of sodium lauryl sulphate. Hence a warning is issued in tooth paste to use it pea sized.
  6. Chew food for number of times your teeth count.
  7. Always eat food sitting on the floor (earth) since while sitting in Sukhasana the center of gravity is pointed to Nabhi/Navel which is good for digestion. If your joints are stiff then we can use dining table especially people staying in Cold countries.
  8. After having meals sit in Vajrasana for 10-15 minutes.
  9. After lunch, relax for around 45mins and without doing any physical activities. After dinner, walk for around 500-1000 steps. Sleep after 2hrs of dinner.
  10. Use rock salt for cooking rather than artificially made free flow salt.
  11. Don’t mix cold and hot foods together. Like after hot dinner don’t eat ice cream.
  12. Cook food in open vessels to absorb natural air and sunlight rather than Pressure cookers which decrease macro nutrients. Hence not using Aluminum vessels. Ideally copper, bronze, stainless steel, clay vessels should be used.

As I get more information in future I will update this post. Do let me know if you have more.


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